Face Recognition Attendance System

Get quick statistics on your active devices, employees, their attendances and locations globally. Process timesheets and compute payroll.

GPS Location | GEO Fencing | 100% Cloud

Attendance with Temperature

* New - Get attendance and temperature of your team without even touching any surface, all included in a fixed face recognition system

100% Cloud

Face Recognition Attendance System that works 100% over the cloud, you don’t need to worry your data securely stored and backup.

GEO Fencing

Restrict employees and devices from reporting face attendances using Location on Map (Geo Fencing) Every location or project can be secured with a geo fencing radius.

No Installation

No technician needs to visit your office. You don’t need servers, special devices, or networking to use. Just download the app and you are good to go.

Apple or Android Device

You don’t need a special device, just use any Apple / Android mobile or tablet device to access the app and start posting attendance and view your schedule.

Push data to server in real-time

Attendance record is transferred in real-time, making it easy for tracking and checking at the head office.

Multi Language

Facial recognition software avialable in Multi Language - English, Chinese, Thai, Bahasa, and more.

Multi Time Zones

Facial recognition software avialable in multi time zones attendance, so it supports companies having global branches and performs the time zones conversion.

Scalable as business grows

Startups, SME's or large Enterprises. You can start with few employee, and one device; eventually you can add more - unlimitted - number of resources as your business grows


We take pride in our ISO 27001 certification because it confirms the breadth and strength of our security practices and our commitment to safeguarding clients’ data.


Biometric technology that is capable of identifying or verifying the true identity of an individual using their face, Also known as Facial recognition attendance.

Fixed Face Biometric attendance System

For companies with office staff and needs a fixed face biometric attendance system