Face Recognition attendance System

A face recognition attendance system is the popular and fastest biometric technology that is capable of identifying or verifying the true identity of an individual using their face. Face recognition attendance is also known as Facial recognition attendance.

In the face recognition attendance, the system maps an individual's facial details such as the distance between the eyes, the shape of the chin, length of jaw-line etc. And these nodal points are measured creating a numerical code, called a face print, and stored it in the database that is easily accessible by the company.

To identify the employee, it compares and matches the person's facial details with the faceprint stored in the database and gives the result with excellent accuracy and marks the attendance on his or her behalf. Face recognition attendance system is an accurate technology for managing attendance as it hardly gives errors.

Many organizations is now picking the face recognition attendance system for tracking the time and attendance of employees to avoid the time fraud i.e. how long they are on the job, and to avoid the buddy cloaking to occur since each employee has to go through face recognition devices to mark the attendance.

There are many advantages associated with face recognition attendance. This system is of non-contact nature. Here is no need for interaction with a person; however it goes on to identify a person with utmost accuracy without requiring the person to wait in queue for long periods of time or do anything more than look at the camera. The applicability of face recognition is easier than iris scanning, signature, etc. It is also cheap technology as there is less processing involved, like in other biometric techniques. It also enhances the security of an organization by not giving access to outsiders who try to enter the premises illegally for certain purposes such as spying or stealing the organization assets.

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