Fingerprint Biometric System

Fingerprint Biometric System for attendance

Biometrics allows a person to be identified and authenticated based on a set of recognizable and verifiable data such as fingerprints which are unique and specific to them.


Fingerprint Biometric Attendance System.
Fingerprint biometric attendance system is widely practiced. The technique that is used in Fingerprint biometric for the matching stage is minutiae-based. But it offers a flexible, scalable and accurate digital identification solution.

Highly Accurate.

High Individual Identification Accuracy.
One of the main advantages associated with biometric technology is high individual identification accuracy. Superior accuracy is why a lot of companies use biometrics for their security purposes.

Reliable and full proof

Recording GPS Co-ordinates
Passwords and PINS are easy to forget causing people to write them down and consequently can be stolen, and can at times be hacked. With biometrics technology, fingerprints won’t be lost and can’t be attained and copied by someone.


Healthcare, Construction, Retail, Business, Schools, Financial, etc.
Fingerprint biometric is used in most of industries such as healthcare, Construction, retail, business, schools, financial industries etc.Even countries have implemeted biometric technology for voter registration, national ID, and national healthcare or other projects.