Fingerprint Biometric System

Biometrics is the technical term for body measurements and calculations. It refers to a standard of measurement related to human characteristics. Biometrics allows a person to be identified and authenticated based on a set of recognizable and verifiable data such as fingerprints, iris pattern, voice etc which are unique and specific to them.

For the Biometric authentication, the individual's biometric characteristics are compared to the set of the stored sample in the database in order to determine the resemblance.

The fingerprint is one of the biometrics analyzing characteristics that is used to authenticate a person's identity. Out of all the biometric systems, fingerprint biometric system is widely practiced. The technique that is used in Fingerprint biometric for the matching stage is minutiae-based. But it offers a flexible, scalable and accurate digital identification solution.

How does the fingerprint biometric system work?

For Fingerprint recognition, a fingerprint sensor looks at the patterns found on a fingertip. A fingerprint comprises about a hundred major features, called minutiae. Each person has a distinctive fingerprint. When a person enrolls a finger on the system, an image is stored. Thereafter, every time that finger transacts, the system compares the current image against the stored image in the database. If the image does not match with the stored image, then the system will not accept that enroll.

Fingerprint biometric system is an ideal biometric technology for both large and small organizations. Fingerprint biometric solutions are highly accurate and fast thereby facilitating a smooth and efficient. Due to its beneficial features, it is widely used by companies for Time and attendance, payroll management and human resource management. Fingerprint system is small in size therefore it is easy to use and install in offices, and one of the most important it helps to eliminate buddy cloaking in offices.

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